QtiPlot - Pricing

Maintenance contracts:

By subscribing to a binaries maintenance contract you receive the right to download all releases available during the subscription period together with technical support. When your subscription period ends, the binaries you have downloaded and installed on your system remain fully functional and you can still use QtiPlot, but if you wish to have access to the updated versions, you will need to renew your maintenance contract. The renewal is not done automatically. A 20% discount is granted in case of a renewed subscribtion for a group maintainance contract. For more details, please read the terms and conditions (PDF) >>

The Campus maintenance contract authorizes all staff and students of a company or institution to download and install QtiPlot on all their office and personal computers.

Contract Operating systems Price/year (euros) Price/2 years (euros) Price/3 years (euros) Price/5 years (euros) Payment method Technical support Total number of users
Campus 1 690 990 1190 1490 bank transfer unlimited unlimited
2 990 1390 1790 2690 bank transfer unlimited unlimited
3 1190 1790 2390 3590 bank transfer unlimited unlimited
Small group 1 250 450 600 890 bank transfer 12 hours/year 5
2 450 790 990 1290 bank transfer 12 hours/year 5
Single employee* 1 70 120 150 200 bank transfer 2 hours/year 1
2 120 220 270 350 bank transfer 2 hours/year 1
Private user** 1 19.9 (renewal: 14.9) 29.9 (renewal: 24.9) 39.9 (renewal: 29.9) - PayPal 2 hours/year 1
2 29.9 (renewal: 24.9) 49.9 (renewal: 39.9) 59.9 (renewal: 49.9) - PayPal 2 hours/year 1

*The single employee licence is the correct choice if you are the employee of a company/institution that pays the license for you. You must request an invoice prior to any payment.
**The private user licence is not available for companies/institutions. It is intended only for private individuals that pay the licence from their own money and do not need an invoice. It is the equivalent of a "student" licence available to everybody.

Technical support:

By subscribing to a maintenance contract for QtiPlot you receive technical support, which means that:
  • all the bugs you report are analysed and fixed within 48 hours and a new installer is made available for you
  • your feature requests have higher priority
Technical support can also be purchased separately. We provide QtiPlot users with general advice and guidance on the use of QtiPlot APIs, functions, methods and Python programming techniques to the extent of implementing customized data analysis modules. Standard price is 10 euros/hour, please contact us for a quote.


A platform is the current stable release of an operating system, including the compilers, linkers and libraries, and architecture (CPU) as supported by the vendor. Binaries maintainance contracts can be provided for the following platforms:

Operating system Architecture
Windows Win32, Win64
macOS ( >= 10.6) Intel 64 bits
Linux (all distributions) i386, x86_64
Linux .deb based i386, x86_64