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2018/08/30 - QtiPlot 1.0.0-rc2 release available. New features and improvements:
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed menus available for the active window.
  • Fixed crash when trying to add error bars to a plot curve with no abscissas data column assigned.
  • Fixed updating a 2D plot curve after a paste operation to its source data table.
  • Fixed Shepard interpolation when converting random XYZ data tables with very small values to matrices.
  • Fixed possible crash when importing Excel files via locally installed Excel on Windows.
  • Fixed possible crash when trying to copy 2D plot objects on macOS.
  • Fixed restoring of maximised 2D plots on Windows.
  • Fixed selection of 2D plot widgets in "Plot details" dialog.
  • Fixed import of stacked area curves from OriginLab.
  • Fixed import of multisheet matrices from OriginLab.
  • Fixed possible crashes when exporting 2D plots to PDF.
  • Fixed export to PDF of 2D plot labels with 90 degrees angles.
  • Fixed wrong aspect of minimised windows when opening projects.
  • Fixed saving of statistic tables: None type columns were not saved correctly.
  • Fixed bug in rendering 2D plot legends.

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