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2019/05/08 - QtiPlot 1.0.0-rc8 release available. New features and improvements:
  • Added support for Python 3.
  • Display build Python version in the Help | About QtiPlot dialog.
  • Report FWHM in the results log after data fit operations using Gauss and GaussAmp profiles.
  • Implemented error bars with filled area.
  • The General Plot Options dialog raises an error message for input step values resulting in a number of major ticks larger than the maximum limit specified in the General tab.
  • Added pseudo Voigt peak profiles to the list of built-in functions.
  • Improved speed when drawing 2D plot curves with B-Spline style.
  • Improved speed when exchanging XY axes of a 2D plot layer.
  • Improved 2D cubic interpolation method and reduced the minimum number of input points to 2.
  • The Python function Interpolation.evalAt() also returns valid values in the case of Akima splines.
  • Better Unicode support when importing Microsoft Access files (.mdb, .accdb) on macOS/Linux systems.
  • Added support for importing .accdb files created with Microsoft Access ( <= 2010) on macOS/Linux systems.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed spurious drawing of curve symbols that are out of canvas range for 2D plots with exchanged X/Y axes.
  • Fixed possible crash when setting Bezier style for 2D plot curves.
  • Fixed possible divisions by zero when setting B-Spline style for 2D plot curves.
  • Fixed synchronization of opposite 2D plot scales.
  • Fixed displaying of syntax errors in column and matrix values dialogs.
  • Fixed handling of double-click in 2D plots on Windows systems.

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