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2019/03/18 - QtiPlot 1.0.0-rc7 release available. New features and improvements:
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed output of two-way ANOVA when interactions between factors are disabled.
  • Fixed regression introduced in release 1.0-rc5 disabling column preview images.
  • Fixed bug affecting editing of data/time table cells in some very rare use cases.
  • Fixed wrong names of FactorA/FactorB levels reported in the results log for two-way ANOVA.
  • Fixed restoring of the line width for 2D plot curves from project files.
  • Fixed crash in correlation/autocorrelation analysis for table columns having a number of rows that is not a power of 2.
  • Fixed bounding rectangle of 2D bar curves.
  • Fixed possible crash when importing TDMS files.

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