Intersections Dialog

This dialog is activated by selecting the Intersections... command from the Analysis menu.

Rectangle Tab

When the dialog is opened, it adds a yellow rectangle to the active plot layer. This rectangle defines the region where to search for the intresections between curves. The Rectangle tab of the dialog allows to customize the coordinates of this region of interest and its background color.

Figure 5-130. The Intersections Dialog: Rectangle tab

Options Tab

The controls in the Symbol group box of this tab can be used in order to define the style, size and and color of the data symbols used to visualize the intersections between curves.

It is also possible to customize the Labels for each intersection point and to choose the Interpolation method and the number of sampling Points.

Figure 5-131. The Intersections Dialog: Options tab.

Custom Output Tab

The Table button, when pressed, activates the results table. The user may type the name of the result table in the edit box. Please beware that if the name corresponds to an existing table, the contents of that table will be altered.

Figure 5-132. The Intersections Dialog: Custom Output tab.