Color Scale Dialog

This dialog allows modification of color scale objects which have been created with the Add Color Scale command command from the Graph Menu. The dialog can also be opened by double clicking on a color scale, or by right clicking a color scale and after that selecting Properties... from the pop-up menu. It can also be embedded into the Plot details dialog when you select a color scale from the list of objects in a 2D plot layer.

Color Bar Scale Tab

The Color Bar Scale tab of the dialog allows changing the layout of the color bar object: its Thickness, the Position of the scale labels and the Margin (the distance between the ends of the color bar and the edges of the frame rectangle).

Figure 5-30. The Color Scale Dialog: Color Bar Scale Tab

Axis Tab

The Axis tab allows customizing the format of the scale and the various parameters defining the display of the Ticks and of the major tick labels.

Figure 5-31. The Color Scale Dialog: Axis Tab

Title Tab

The Title tab can be used in order to define a title for the axis and to fully customize its Color, Font and layout.

Figure 5-32. The Color Scale Dialog: Title Tab

Fill Pattern Tab

The Fill Pattern tab allows the full customization of the background of a color scale object.

Figure 5-33. The Color Scale Dialog: Fill Pattern Tab

Frame Tab

This tab is used to define the shape, color, line style and thickness for the frame of a color scale object. By default, a color scale has no frame at all, the Shape being set to None.

The changes can be applied to the selected color scale, to all color scales in the plot layer, to all color scales in the active window or to all color scales objects from all plot windows, depending on the selection in the Apply to... box.

It is possible to define the current frame options as a default style for the frame of all future plot objects by pressing the Set As Default button.

Figure 5-34. The Color Scale Dialog: Frame Tab

Geometry Tab

The Geometry tab allows changing the position and the size of the rectangle enclosing the color scale.

Figure 5-35. The Color Scale Dialog: Geometry Tab

Name Tab

The Name tab can be used in order to customize the default name of the color scale object. The name is displayed in the plot details dialog or can be used to get a reference to the color scale object in Python scripts. Empty names are not allowed.

Figure 5-36. The Color Scale Dialog: Name Tab