Graph Manipulation

This dialog is activated by selecting the Extract to Graphs... command or the Merge Graph Windows... command from the Graph Menu.

If opened with the Extract to Graphs... command, each layer in the currently active graph window is copied into its own, newly created, graph window, having the same size as the source graph window. This dialog allows you to decide what happens with the original graph window. If you uncheck the Keep Source Graph option, then the original window is deleted. If the option Full Page for Extracted Layers is checked, the new layers will be resized to fill their whole graph windows.

Figure 5-23. The Graph Manipulation dialog used for extracting individual layers from 2D graph windows.

If opened with the Merge Graph Windows... command, this dialog displays a list of 2D graph windows. You may choose to display in this list only the graphs from the curently active folder or from the whole project. The list can be sorted alphabetically in ascending or descending order by clicking on the Graph column header. All these graph windows will be merged into a newly created 2D plot window. You may also choose the graph windows to be merged by selecting the option Specified in the Merge list box. Also, you may decide what happens to the original graph windows after the merging process. If you uncheck the Keep Source Graph option then the source windows are deleted.

Figure 5-24. The Graph Manipulation dialog used for merging 2D graph windows.

If the OK button is pressed, QtiPlot creates a new graph window and closes this dialog. The Arrange layers dialog pops-up, allowing users to specify the layout of the newly created graph window.