Add/Remove Curves

This dialog is activated by selecting the command Add/Remove Curves... from the Graph Menu.

The left window shows the columns available from the project's tables that may be used for plotting. If the Show current folder only option is checked, only tables from the active folder of the project will be listed in this window. It is possible to sort the available tables/folders in alphabetical order by pressing the Available data column header. The right window lists the curves already plotted. In the case presented below, there are two tables that the Add/Remove Curves... dialog box lists for the selection of columns. You select a Y column to plot using this dialog. QtiPlot will use the column defined as X in the corresponding table for the X values.

Figure 5-19. The Add/Remove Curves... Dialog Box.

The data sets selected in the Available data window can be added to the plot either by pressing the left to right arrow button or by dragging and dropping them onto the Graph contents window. Similarly, the selected plot items from the Graph contents window can be removed either by pressing the right to left arrow button or by dragging and dropping them onto the Available data window.

In this dialog box, if you select one curve of the plot in the right window, you can change the columns used for X and Y with the Plot Association button. In any case, you can't mix the X values from one table with the Y values from another one. If you want to do this, you have to copy the columns into the same table.

If the curve selected is a function, you can modify it by pressing the Edit Function... button. Refer to the Add Function... dialog box for more details on functions editing.

If the Show Range option is checked, the plot range of all the curves not defined as analytical functions will be also displayed in the right window of the dialog. The plot range is the interval of points which are visible in a curve. You can show/hide data points from a selected curve, without having to delete them, by pressing the Edit Range... button, which opens a dialog allowing to edit the plot range.

If the case of 3D plots this dialog looks a little bit different: the Axes list boxes as well as the Plot Association and Show Range buttons described above are not available.

Figure 5-20. The Add/Remove Curves... dialog box for 3D plot windows.