Installation notes


Please note that we do not provide an universal installer. Instead, we provide an installation package for Intel based macs (x86_64 architecture) and a different one for mac computers equiped with Apple Silicon chips (arm64 architecture). Trying to install the package for Intel processors on a mac with an Apple Silicon chip or vice-versa will result in an eror message.


If you get an error message about missing VCRUNTIME140.dll when you try to run QtiPlot, please download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable.

It is possible to perform a silent installation by launching the setup from a command terminal with the "/silent" option:

name_of_qtiplot_installer.exe /silent


If you downloaded a QtiPlot installer with built-in Python scripting support, please note that it was built using the official Python distribution (, therefore Python 3.11.x must be installed on your computer. Also, the PATH environment variable must be modified: the path to the folder where the python311.dll file resides needs to be added to the PATH variable.This operation can be done automatically by the Python installer, if you check the option Add Python to environment variables, or manually.

Figure 1-1. Installing Python 3.11 on Windows: add Python to the environment variables.



The .deb packages can be installed by typing the following command in a terminal:

sudo dpkg -i name_of_the_deb_file.deb

Linux generic binaries

The generic binary file for Linux doesn't need installation. The file can be unarchived and used directly from the resulting folder by typing the following commands in a terminal:

tar -xf file_name.tar.bz2
cd qtiplot-1.x.x