Custom Color Map

This dialog helps you define a custom color map and quickly edit its settings. It can be activated by selecting the Custom command from the Matrix -> Palette menu if you are working with a matrix window or by pressing the button from the Symbol tab of the plot details dialog if you are editing a 2D plot curve.

The dialog displays a table with a set of levels and the color corresponding to each level. You can then add, remove or modify levels from the definition of the colormap. It is also possible to save/load a custom color map to/from a XML file.

As long as the Scale Colors checkbox remains checked, values that fall between the colormap levels will be displayed in colors that are interpolated between the colors defined for the bounding levels. It is also possible to define discrete colors for each level. To do this you must uncheck the Scale Colors checkbox. In this case no interpolation will be done and you must define enough levels in your colormap to produce a desirable result.

Figure 5-4. The Custom Color Map dialog box.

A click on the Level column header opens the Set Equidistant Levels dialog, which allows to quickly edit the color map levels by specifying their total number and an intensity range.

A click on the Color column header opens the Gradient Fill dialog, which allows to quickly customize the colors in the map.