Window Properties Dialog

This dialog can be opened using the Rename Window command from the Windows menu or by right-clicking on the title bar of a project window and selecting the Properties... action from its context menu.

Figure 5-2. The Rename Window dialog box.

With this dialog it is possible to change the default Name and Label of a project window as well as its Window Title display policy: Name, Label or Both Name and Label. It also makes possible to set some Comments for the project window.

The dialog also displays basic information about the project window: the creation date and time, its Status and its internal Path within the project.

The Changelog... button is available only for tables and matrices if the option Enable window changelog is checked in the Application tab of the preferences dialog. By pressing it a new dialog window pops-up. It displays information about the changes performed on the window. For each modification the date/time and the name of the user having performed it is also displayed.

The arrow buttons at the bottom of the dialog may be used in order to navigate backward or forward through all the windows of the current project folder. The Folder... button opens the Folder Properties dialog, making possible to get information about the parent folder.