The Windows Menu

In addition to the items listed below, this menu will also display a list containing the first ten windows created in the workspace. These windows can be made active, or can be shown if they are hidden, by selecting their name from the list. If your project contains more then ten windows, you must use the Project explorer in order to perform these operations on the remaining windows.


Opens a menu displaying a list of all the folders and subfolders in the project. The active folder is highlighted. You can change the active folder in a project by selecting an item from this list.


This command opens the Folder Properties dialog making possible to edit the name and comments of the current project folder.


Arranges the visible windows in the project in a cascading style.


Tiles the visible windows in the project.

Next (F5)

Makes the next visible window in the workspace stack the active window.

Previous (F6)

Makes the previous visible window in the workspace stack the active window.


Opens the Project Explorer Find dialog which permits searching a window anywhere in the project.

Rename Window

Opens the Window Properties dialog permitting you to change the title (name and/or label) or to set comments for the currently active window.

Copy Window (Shift-W)

This command can be used in order to copy the active window, which can be afterwards pasted to a different project folder. If the active window is a 2D or a 3D plot window, this command also stores an image of the plot in the global clipboard, image that can be pasted to an Excel or LibreOffice document, for example.


Clones the active window.

Script Window (F3)

Opens the script console window.

Window Geometry...

Opens a dialog used to change the size and the position of the active window. The size of any contained plots will be scaled to the new window size.

Hide Window

Hides the active window. A hidden window can be made visible again using the Project explorer.

Close Window (Ctrl-W)

Closes the active window. A dialog will pop-up asking you to confirm the operation if the corresponding option in the Preferences dialog ("Confirmations" tab) is checked.

Numbered Window List

A numbered list of the current folder's windows appears at the bottom of the Window Menu. This list may contain up to 9 entries. Clicking on one of the entries in this list will activate that window (that is, display the window, and unhide it if necessary. If there are more than 9 entries, the More Windows... command will be added to the Window Menu immediately following the last item in the numbered window list. Selecting the More Windows... command opens the Project Explorer, which provides access to all windows in all folders in the project.