Import database

This dialog is activated by selecting the File -> Import -> Database... command. The dialog allows to choose the tables/views to be imported from a database. You have the possibility to import individual tables or all tables at once by checking the box All. If the New Folder option is checked the imported tables are moved into a subfolder inside the current folder of your project. The name of this subfolder is generated automatically based on the name of the database.

If you choose to import an SQL database (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite) or a Microsoft Access database on a Windows system, it is also possible to perform an SQL query on the database, prior to the import operation:

Figure 5-231. SQL database table/view selection with query dialog.

On Linux or macOS systems it is not possible to perform an SQL query when importing Microsoft Access databases (.mdb).

Figure 5-232. Database table/view selection dialog on Linux and macOS systems.