The Scripting Menu

General Scripting Commands

These are commands that always appear in the Scripting menu, regardless of the window type selected

Scripting -> Scripting language

Opens a dialog used to select the scripting language for the current project.

Scripting -> Restart scripting

Reinitializes the scripting environment.

Scripting -> Add Custom Script Action...

Opens the Custom Action dialog, which allows you to define menu items and toolbar buttons that launch Python scripts.

Notes Specific Scripting Commands

If the active window in the project is a Notes window, the following additional items will also be available in the scripting menu:

Scripting -> Execute (Ctrl+J)

Executes the line where the mouse cursor is placed in the Notes window.

Scripting -> Preferences... (Ctrl+Shift+J)

Executes all lines in the Notes window.

Scripting -> Evaluate (Ctrl+Return)

Evaluates the line where the mouse cursor is placed in the Notes window.

Rename Tab...

Opens a standard dialog which permits changing the name of the active notes tab.

Add Tab

Adds a new tab to the active notes window. The new tab will be named untitled by default. The tab may be renamed at any time using the Rename Tab... command.

Close Tab

Closes (deletes) the active Notes tab. The contents of the tab will be lost. No warning is given!