The View Menu

View -> Toolbars... (Ctrl-Shift-T)

Opens a pop-up menu allowing you to enable/disable tool bars.

View -> Project Explorer (Ctrl-E)

Opens/Closes the Project Explorer dock window, which gives an overview of the structure of a project and allows the user to perform various operations on the windows (tables and plots) in the workspace.

View -> Results log

Opens/Closes a panel displaying a history of all data analysis operations performed by the user.

View -> Undo/Redo Stack...

Shows/Hides the matrix Undo/Redo Stack window. The Undo/Redo stack contains the history of editing changes for a selected matrix. When any matrix is selected, its Undo/Redo information will be copied into this window. If another matrix is selected, the data for that matrix will be swapped into the list. Only one matrix can have it's Undo/Redo information showing at a time. The depth of the stack (i.e., number of possible undo steps) is set in the "Applications" tab in the "General" section of the Preferences dialog. Each list entry consists of the name of the matrix followed by the identity of the cell that was edited. Each edit pushes another entry onto the list. The current position in the Undo/Redo history is highlighted. Undo (Ctrl-Z or ) or Redo (Ctrl-Shift-Z or ) will move the highlight as appropriate. The history can be rapidly traversed by clicking on a stack entry, which will move the highlight to the clicked entry and revert the matrix to that point in the history. Each time the project is saved, the save-project icon ( ) is placed next to the stack entry that was highlighted at the time of the file save operation. This serves as a reminder to the user of exactly what version of the matrix resides on disk.

View -> Quick Help

Opens/Closes a window displaying the QtiPlot documentation pages.

View -> Console

Shows/Hides the scripting console window.

View -> Serial Monitor...

Opens a serial monitor window allowing to read/write data from/to available serial ports.