The Edit Menu

Edit -> Undo (Ctrl-Z)

Undo the last change.

Edit -> Redo (Ctrl-Shift-Z)

Reverse the effect of the last "Undo" operation.

Edit -> Cut Selection (Ctrl-X)

While this command does not currently appear in the Edit Menu, the functionality is provided with the Ctrl-X key. The command copies the current selection to the clipboard and deletes the selection.

Edit -> Copy Selection (Ctrl-C)

Copies the current selection to the clipboard.

Edit -> Copy Selection (full precision)

Copies the current selection to the clipboard with maximum numeric precision. Only available for tables and matrices.

Edit -> Delete Selection (Del)

Removes the current selection from the project.

Paste ->

Selecting Paste -> opens up a sub-menu of additional commands for specialized paste operations.

Paste -> Paste Selection (Ctrl-V)

Pastes the content of the clipboard to the active window.

Paste -> Transpose (Ctrl-Alt-T)

Transposes the text from the clipboard and pastes it to the active window. This command is only enabled if there is text available in the clipboard and is not enabled for 2D and 3D plot windows.

Paste -> Paste Format (Ctrl-Shift-V)

Pastes the format from a 2D or 3D plot window (copied using the Copy Format command) to the active window. This command is enabled only for 2D and 3D plot windows.

Edit -> Delete Fit Tables

Each time you fit your data to some mathematical model, a new table is created in which to put the results of the fit (i.e. the values computed by the model). These tables can be used to plot comparisons of experimental and fitted values. If you have completed several tentative fits, a number of fit result tables may be present in your project. This command allows you to remove the results of all the different fits that you have tested.

Edit -> Clear Log Information

Allows the user to clear the log panel. All history information about analyses performed by the user will be deleted from the project file. The log panel will then be empty.

Edit -> Preferences...

Opens the Preferences dialog.