Project Explorer Find Dialog

The project explorer find dialog is activated using a right-click on a folder item in the project explorer and selecting Find... or selecting the command Find... from the Windows Menu. It permits searching a window anywhere in the project. It is possible to perform a search in windows or table columns metadata (name, label and comments) or in other specific elements like data cells, text objects on graphs or content of note windows.

Figure 5-155. The project explorer find dialog.

When the Find button is pressed and the search is proceeding, the button becomes Cancel. If the Cancel button is pressed while performing a search, the undergoing operation stops, the button becomes Find again and the partial search result is output in the bottom table of this dialog.

If the Case Sensitive box is checked, the search will distinguish between uppercase and lowercase characters when searching the string typed in the Find... box. When the Whole Word option is selected, the search only looks for words that match completely with the content specified in the Find... box. The Allow Wildcards parameter specifies whether or not the wildcards ? and * are used in the Find... edit box: ? matches any single character and * matches zero or more of any characters. Please note that the Whole Word and Allow Wildcards options cannot be checked simultaneously.

When the mouse is hovered over a row of the result table an information tooltip is displayed. If the row is double-clicked the corresponding folder/window becomes active and the window is maximized.