The Plot Wizard

This dialog is activated by selecting the command Plot Wizard from the Plot Menu or with the Ctrl-Alt-W key. This command is always active.

This dialog is used to build a new plot by selecting the columns from the tables available in the current project. First, select the table you want to use from the Table combo box at the top of the dialog. If the selected table has a non-empty label, the label is displayed bellow. Next, you must click on the New curve button to create a curve definition. After that, select at least one column for X and one for Y using the <->X and <->Y buttons. You can also select columns for Z, X-errors and/or Y-errors using the buttons provided for these options.

The curve definitions can be edited manually after double-clicking on them. For a faster editing process it is also possible to clone the selected curve definition by pressing the Dupplicate button.

The plot will be created using the default style defined using the '2D Plots -> Curves' tab in the Preferences dialog.

Figure 5-154. The plot wizard dialog box.

In this example, one curve is selected from the first table, and the other from the second table (with X error bars)