Chapter 5. The Dialogs

Table of Contents
Folder Properties Dialog
Window Properties Dialog
Add Custom Action
Custom Color Map
Set Equidistant Levels
Gradient Fill
Add Error bars
Function Dialog
Function 2D Dialog
Add Layer
Add/Remove Curves
Arrange Layers
Graph Manipulation
Line Options
Color Scale Dialog
Reference Line Options
Image Options
Column Options
Plot Associations
Edit Curve Range
Plot Details
Vertical Cursor
Define surface plot
Export Graph Dialog
Fast Fourier Transform Dialog
FFT Filter Dialog
Find Peaks Dialog
Frequency Count Dialog
Bland-Altman Plot Dialog
Q-Q Plot Dialog
Normality Test (Shapiro-Wilk) Dialog
One sample t-Test Dialog
Two sample t-Test Dialog
Chi-square Test Dialog
One-way ANOVA Dialog
Two-way ANOVA Dialog
Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA Dialog
Mood's Median Test Dialog
Friedman ANOVA Dialog
One Sample Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test Dialog
Sign Test Dialog
Paired Sample Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test Dialog
Two Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test Dialog
Mann-Whitney Test Dialog
Smoothing Options
Baseline Dialog
Math on Data Sets Dialog
Average Multiple Curves Dialog
Convex Hull Dialog
Intersections Dialog
Integration Options
Integrate Function Dialog
Linear Fit Options
Polynomial Fit Options
Multiple Linear Regression Dialog
Fit Exponential Decay - First Order
Fit Exponential Decay - Second Order
Fit Exponential Decay - Third Order
Fit Exponential Growth Dialog
The Fit Wizard
Help Window
General Plot Options
The Plot Wizard
Project Explorer Find Dialog
Preferences Dialog
Serial Port Settings
Serial Monitor
Set Column Values
Extract Data
Set Matrix Dimensions
Resample Matrix Dialog
Matrix Properties
Set Matrix Values
Bin Matrix Dialog
Regular XYZ Gridding Dialog
Random XYZ Gridding Dialog
Surface plot options
Sorting Options
Tex Equation Editor
Text options
Open Project Dialog
Open Template Dialog
Export ASCII Dialog
Import ASCII files
Convert files
Import database
Open Matlab File
Open TDMS File

Folder Properties Dialog

This dialog can be opened using the Properties... command from the Windows -> Folders menu or by right-clicking on the name of a project folder in the Project Explorer and selecting the Properties... action from its context menu.

Figure 5-1. The folder properties dialog box.

With this dialog it is possible to change the default Name of a project folder and to set some Comments for it. The dialog also displays basic information about the folder: the creation date and time, its Size, its Contents (the number of windows and subfolders) and its internal Path within the project. If the folder is the root project folder, the dialog also displays the date and time of the last modification.

The arrow buttons at the bottom of the dialog may be used in order to navigate backward or forward through the whole project tree. The Window... button opens the Window Properties dialog, making possible to get information about the active window in the folder.