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Bar plots

Comparison of different dynamic indices of preload. Box-and-whisker plots and individual values (open circles) of respiratory variations of brachial peak velocity (ΔVpeakbrach), radial arterial pulse pressure variation (ΔPPrad) and stroke volume variation measured using the FloTrac/Vigileo monitoring system (ΔSVVigileo) before volume expansion (VE), in responder (R, stroke volume index (SVi) =15% after VE) and nonresponder (NR, SVi <15% after VE) patients. The central box represents the values from the lower to upper quartile (25th to 75th percentile). The middle line represents the median. A line extends from the minimum to the maximum value. Monge García et al. Critical Care, September 2009 13:R142 doi:10.1186/cc8027